Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An American in Turkey

Going on three years in Istanbul, life in Turkey feels like, well, life. I work, I run, I cook, I go to museums and movies, I hang out with my friends -- pretty much what I would be doing in San Francisco, with the occasional cultural misunderstanding, quirky event, or bureaucratic tangle to liven things up. Sometimes I wonder what it all means, if I've really experienced any of the change or growth I hoped for when I bought that one-way plane ticket back in 2007.

So I was pleased to have the opportunity to reflect a bit on my life abroad thus far for fellow blogger Camden Luxford's "Adjusting to Life as an Expat" series. Camden, a seasoned Australian traveler, was surprised at how difficult she found acclimating to life in Cusco, Peru, and decided to interview other expats about their own transitions.

You can read my answers to Camden's thought-provoking questions in "Expat Interview #13: An American in Turkey," the latest in a series of online conversations with foreigners in far-flung places, including China, Kosovo, and Morocco.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Featured traveller

The travel-writing website Matador has featured my profile this month. Look for my smiling face at spot #19 on the site's "Photo Essay: Meet Matador Members, October Edition" list:

"Jennifer Hattam is a journalist, blogger, traveler, photographer, wanderer, reader, and enjoyer of good things to eat and drink."

Pretty much says it all, değil mi?