Hiking in Hasankeyf
Originally from San Francisco, I moved to Istanbul in early 2008 and have been blogging here at The Turkish Life ever since about my travels, linguistic misadventures, and random observations.

Typical posts will find me wandering around the city with my camera, hopping on a night bus to just about anywhere, fueling my growing running addiction, speaking clumsy Turkish to anyone who will listen, daydreaming about all the food I miss in SF, and complaining about Efes but drinking it anyway.

To learn more about my work as a freelance journalist, visit my portfolio site or my reports on TreeHugger.com about environmental issues in Turkey, the region, and around the world.

You can also find me on Flickr and Instagram, and on Twitter, as @TheTurkishLife (Turkey-related) and @jenhattam (general).

Contact me at theturkishlife [at] gmail [dot] com