Monday, February 25, 2008

Çok garip

Maalesef (unfortunately), commentary on my Turkish classes probably makes for tedious reading, but they have pretty much consumed all of my brain space at this point, mostly with trying to learn the language, and sometimes with puzzling over the sheer strangeness of some of the exercises.

Sure, it's useful to be able to say "Sinemaya gitmek istiyorum" (I like to go the movies), and if you're angling for a job in one of the many Turkish bureaucracies, you might want to learn "Evlenmeden önce, senin soyadın neydi?" (Before marriage, what was your last name?) But tell me, please, when one of these sentences might come in handy:

"Benim annem gençken çok zayıftı, şimdi biraz şişman."
(When she was young, my mother was very thin; now she's a little fat.)

"Senin kulakların eskiden çok büyüktü. Şimdi küçük, ne yaptın?"
(Your ears used to be very big. Now they're small - what happened?)

I am, however, pleased that I finally figured out how to get my keyboard to type all these wacky characters.

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Tactless Wonder said...

You know, my ESL kids used to ask similar questions...and to get all teacherly on's so you can learn to sentence/phrase construction.

Well, and possibly maybe because, for me? It was always fun to listen to my 7th graders memorize and recite some of the more silly exercises. But you just never know when you'll run into someone whose ears have magically shrunk...or maybe their head just grew?!?

Good to hear from you. Hugs from Seattle.