Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's morning in America

Well, actually, it's not. It's the middle of the night in America. But it's morning in Istanbul, and as we watched the sun rise over the Golden Horn, we also watched Barack Hussein Obama, the next president of the United States, give his acceptance speech.

I'm exhausted and wired and still a bit in shock, and so grateful for all the Turks who have never given me a hard time for being an American--who in fact have responded with surprise and pleasure, even during this dark period for our country--and for the good company in which I watched this momentous occasion. Thank you, America, for not letting me down.


The Turkish Life said...

BTW, the big print on the paper says: "A dream becoming reality. According to the first results, Obama is on top. The black-skinned Barack Obama, with a Kenyan Muslim father and the middle name Hüseyin, is advancing to the White House..."

Adrian Cotter said...

glad to do you proud! liz and i were in nevada doing canvassing and such. hated doing it but was happy with the results!

The Turkish Life said...

That is so awesome! So many of my friends back in the States were calling, canvassing, making it happen... THANK YOU.

Here are a few photos (and one video) of our celebration that a friend here just posted:
Election Night (and morning) in Istanbul