Thursday, May 5, 2011

Around the world with 40 travel bloggers

I don't think of myself as a travel blogger, really. The blogs of people who spend all year (or many years) on the road seem as far removed from my life in Turkey as, well, my life in Turkey probably does for many folks who've never lived away from home. But my musings on learning a foreign language, trying to understand a different culture, and, yes, sometimes traveling were apparently enough for me to qualify some while back for Lonely Planet's "Blogs We Like" program -- later dubbed the "Blogsherpas."

I stayed on the margins of the group for some time, occasionally reading a discussion thread here or tagging a post there, until I saw a notice seeking contributions to an e-book. Intrigued, I spent a few hours on the terrace of my pension in Ayvalık (for once, I was actually traveling at the time) putting together two pages of photos and text that I felt represented my blog. Thirty-nine other bloggers -- expats, adventurers, and family travelers -- did the same.

This week, the final product, the free e-book "Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers," has been released, full of inspiring photos and commentary on destinations from Alberta to Uganda. As Lonely Planet put in it their writeup of the book, it "explores our beautiful world from street level through the eyes of travel bloggers." I hope you'll find a new blogger or two worth following in its virtual pages.

NOTE: The Blogsherpas also have a World Travel lens on the website Squidoo, where you can read the latest posts by bloggers from around the world, all in one place.


Unknown said...
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A Lady in London said...

Great post! It's so exciting that our book is finally here!

Roving Jay said...

Just downloaded the e-book - it's an interesting read, and a great way to introduce us to new travel bloggers. Thanks for posting it.

I'm envious of your current location. I visited Istanbul for the first time this year, for a week - and I was floored. It was a fabulous trip - I walked for miles and took 1,000's of photo's - plenty of material and inspiration for a myriad of blog posts.

The Turkish Life said...

Thanks, Jay! Appreciate it. Istanbul is pretty great although it's easy to feel a bit ho-hum about once-exciting things after three and a half years ;) Are you based in Bodrum?