Saturday, September 13, 2014

A girl walks into a bakkal

Sweaty girl walks into a bakkal (corner store) after a long run:

"Would you like water?"

"Yes, please. And what kind of juice do you have?"

"All kinds."

"What do you have with no added sugar?"

[The shopkeeper thinks for a moment.]



The Turkish Life said...

This little encounter brought to mind one of my all-time favorite Turkey anecdotes, from way back in 2001, when a friend and I asked a guy at an Antalya eatery if he had anything "etsiz" (meatless) and he replied proudly, "Of course! Coffee, and rice."

Sharing this story on Facebook prompted a couple of other gems friends have encountered in response to vegetarian inquiries at restaurants:

"Bu et değil, tavuk." (This isn't meat, this is chicken.)

"Does this have meat in it?" "Only a little bit."

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